StatTV puts live stats, score and game clock information on flat screen TVs in your press box.

It integrates with your stat software, scoring console, and internet data feeds. And it wraps everything in your teams colors and logo.

We know how hectic game day is. So we built StatTV to require no work on game day. You can just turn it on and forget about it. But the press sure won't.


StatBooks make getting detailed stats to the press easier than ever.

The StatBook from StatView provides detailed data to the press in a convenient and easy to use netbook appliance. StatBooks work wirelessly or wired to your network. Drill down on key stats and keep up with every play.

StatBooks don't require any work on game day. They integrate with your scoring software and game clock console to automatically provide detailed data on your event.


Stat Management Server simplifies game day stats.

Game day headaches aren't fun. Your stats aren't getting out to ESPN®. The FTP program isn't working. Too many things are running on your stats laptop.

The Stat Management Server helps bring it all back under control. It's a robust appliance that takes in stats and scoring data and serves it out to everything that needs it.