StatView has been a hardware provider that displays sports stats generated by STAT CREW SOFTWARE® since 1993. Things sure have changed over the years! Early on, displaying stats meant lugging around a Dumb Terminal and pulling lots of cabling. Now, since we have taken advantage of wireless technology, it's as easy as making sure the battery is charged on your StatBook. Carry it where you want it, flip a button and you are ready to go!

Over the past decade we have developed 4 generations of stats terminals to accomodate technological advancements. Our 1st generation product consisted of Dumb Terminals to displays the stats. The 2nd generation, StatView Wireless Terminals, were born out of a desire to provide economical stats terminals to minor league teams, colleges, and universities. Our 3rd generation products, GameViewer Wireless Display and GameViewer II, were born more out of necessity as raw materials for the StatView Wireless Terminals became harder and harder to find. Our most recent product suite, StatTV, StatBooks, and Stat Management Server, revolutionize the way real-time stats, scores, and team branding are delivered within the school's venue.

Not only has the past decade allowed us to develop industry leading products, it has also provided us extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Constant contact with Media relaions departments and stats input personnel
  • NCAA® and Conference Stats personnel
  • ESPN®, CBS®, Fox®, ABC® and regional TV providers
  • Daktronics®

We hope you decide to enhance the sporting event experience at your venue by providing better stats in more places! For more information please contact us!